Machina: The Process 1

For the production team on “Machina” the journey is as much fun as the story itself. While we will be posting episodes of the graphic novel here as they are developed – we would also like to include our readers in the production process itself. For the writer the process, developed from an idea by artist Roel Wielinga, begins with the overall concept and then slowly drills down to the details of each ‘story within the story’ that adds layers and hopefully interest to the bigger epic as it plays out.

Roel Wielinga has a much harder job. He has to visualize the broad canvas on which the epic plays out, but also he has to create the look and the feel of the individual characters. In the next few weeks we will be showing you this process as he begins to take characters and scenes from initial pencil sketches to finished art. In this way we will take you inside “Machina.” Rather than simply meet the characters in the text, you will be able to see them ‘born’ in the imaginations of the writer and the artist. This will, we hope, give you a unique insight into the creative process. In the next episode, for example, we will take you back in time to the origin of the coming conflict between humankind and the vast artificial intelligence it created to rescue the world from the climate apocalypse brought on by global inaction in the early 21st century. The intelligence community has uncovered the long term plans of Machina to control humankind and to limit them to the solar system. A preemptive strike is planned and as the next episode opens, the generals and the ‘spooks’ bring world leaders together in a secret meeting beyond the reach of the pervasive ‘eyes’ of the Machina system. As the strike takes place, we focus in on one location in the galaxy. Vrily3.2 is a female human-machine hybrid. She has survived the initial attack by Global Command and has teamed up with a still functioning constructor robot, ArchiMot-tenbor. Their first challenge is to find a secure location, then gather materials for repairs…and then plan to gather more  survivors and plan a counter attack…FullSizeRender

In this preparatory sketch, Vrily3.2 and ArchiMot have just marched across the Cygnus Plains on Tenbor, a planetary data connector in Machina’s galaxy-wide ‘nerve system.’


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