Wilbur & Niso Smith

Super happy to see the announcement from the Wilbur & Niso Smith Foundation today of the six author shortlist for this year’s unpublished adventure novel award. My homage to the great adventure novels of the late 19th century, working title “Secret City of the Sun,” has made the shortlist. Honored to be among a list of new and established writers from across the globe.

Literary consultant David Llewlyn writes: ““It is a very strong shortlist. The six authors’ works encompass such a wide range of subject matter, within the broad genre of ‘adventure’ novels; a straightforward conspiracy, a Western epic, a Canadian odyssey, a medieval historical saga, a Boer War conflict drama, and a Victorian adventurer/spy novel set in Peru. I am always heartened by the creative spirit which seems to underlie this particular genre which allows free rein to an author’s imagination.”



The Secret City of the Sun by Jack Rees

The Secret City of the Sun is the first of an historical high adventure series, and an homage to the great adventure novels of the late 19th century. The Confederacy is in ruins and the Federal Government is trying to suppress efforts to revive the Civil War by rebels determined to set up an exile Confederacy in South America. The British send an unwitting agent into the fray to recover weapons technology vital to the new Confederate effort. He is drawn into the struggle between the two enemies. It ends high in the Andes in the midst of the last surviving remnants of the Inca civilization – and the last battle between the blue and the grey.

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